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Water Pumping Stations

Lee Foundation Co. can provide services, from design through construction, to provide you with pumping stations including raw water, booster, hydro pneumatic, and constant pressure with a wide range of capacities and capabilities.


We possess the mechanical piping expertise to design/build large water pumping stations with filters and variable frequency drives and can help you upgrade or enhance your current system. We can also provide innovative solutions with which new components and technologies can be incorporated to better optimize the efficiency and functionality of your existing station.


When working on existing stations, we at Lee Foundation Co. will see to it that you can maintain your ability to operate your enterprise.


We can provide:


  • Staged construction
  • Bypass piping (temporary)
  • Between hydrant pumping/temporary structure (bypass the station)



Lee Foundation Co. can expertly handle all of your water pumping station needs, for more information call us today or contact us.