Lee Foundation Co., Inc.

Continuing a legacy of quality work since 1954

Key Personnel

As a third generation company we realize that there’s no substitute for the knowledge, insight, and understanding which is gained through experience. And that philosophy is reflected in our leadership. We’re proud of the team of professionals that lead our company.

Edward E. Lipinski, Jr. - President
  • Ed has 49 years of experience in the construction business. As a Foreman and Superintendent he has overseen a wide variety of different projects including highway bridge construction, pile foundations, building construction, building dismantling, utilities, pumping stations, treatment plants, elevated water storage tanks, and retaining walls. His knowledge and vision continues to move the Lee Foundation Company forward.


Edward E. Lipinski, III - V.P., Co. Secretary
  • Edward has been with the company since 1987. Throughout his 21 years in the business he has served as an Administrative General Superintendent and Project Manager on the same types of projects as the company’s president. He also served on the board of directors of the AUC of Maryland since 1992 and served as its President from 2006-2008. Ed has also worked with the “Clean Water Coalition” on the federal level to enable SRF funding and allow small municipalities to acquire funds for water and sewer improvements.
William A. Lipinski II - V.P., Treasurer
  • William (Andy) has been with the company since 1993. From laborer to operator, to foreman, to assistant field superintendent he continued to gain valuable experience in all areas of the operation. Andy moved to the office in 2001 where he was the company’s Controller until 2003. From there he went on to become an Estimator/PM, Administrative General Superintendent and Project Manager.
Daniel G. Hart - Project Superintendent
  • As an Equipment Operator, Pile Driver, and Foreman, Dan brings 25 years of experience in pile driving for bridges, building foundations, and tank foundations to the table. He is highly experienced in the construction and renovation of pumping stations. He’s been with the Lee Foundation for over 12 years.
Robert O. Linder, Jr. - Field General Superintendent
Robert’s (Bob's) 44 years in the construction industry have served him well. Robert graduated from Charlotte Hall Military Academy in 1969 and from there has gone on to become a successful Equipment Operator, Pile Driver, Foreman and Project Superintendent. He has been serving the Lee Foundation Company for over 30 years.