Lee Foundation Co., Inc.

Continuing a legacy of quality work since 1954


Like every other construction company out there, you can read about our experience and company history on our company website. But what sets Lee Foundation Co. apart from the rest is that, unlike many of the others, our high quality construction services can actually be viewed and verified out in the real world.


Out in the field is where you can get the best feel for our work; our quality sustains the projects we have completed. Lee Foundation Co. has the experience and the expertise in mechanical construction to do your job right, and we also have the capacity to reduce energy consumption and operating costs by delivering on the specified performances. We are wholly responsive in working closely with you to ensure proper installation, quality control, training, and start-up.


Our mechanical services include:


  • Industrial & Process Piping
  • Submersible Pump Installation
  • Utility Services
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ductwork
  • Project development
  • Building Service & Maintenance
  • Design/assist
  • Budgeting/Cost Evaluation
  • Scheduling
  • Engineering Analysis


For more information on how we can meet the mechanical needs of your project contact us.