Lee Foundation Co., Inc.

Continuing a legacy of quality work since 1954

Storm Drains

At Lee Foundation Co. we have been, since 1954, designing and building innovative storm drainage systems for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal facilities. Much has changed since 1954, but one thing has not: our commitment to the highest quality drainage systems. We have always adapted our scope and technology to meet the needs of our customers in an ever-changing world.


Because of our specialty in concrete, we have a special expertise in the fabrication and installation of large capacity drain systems and culvert.


Our drain systems expertise extends into the construction of:


  • Storm drain pipes
  • Manholes
  • Curb inlets
  • Outlet structures
  • Box culverts
  • Energy dissipaters
  • Storm water chambers
  • Retention and detention systems
  • Transition/specialty concrete structures

We are a leader in offering safe, efficient, on-time and quality-driven drainage systems, and we can do the job for you – no matter your needs and specifications. Call us today for a quote or, to learn more, contact us.

Underground stormwater storage is becoming increasily popular as stormwater regulations tighten