Lee Foundation Co., Inc.

Continuing a legacy of quality work since 1954

Lee Foundation Co., Inc. - Delivering Quality Work Since 1954

Experience that is not embellished


At Lee Foundation Co., Inc. our reputation is built on something much more substantial than marketing. Unlike most of the competitors, our reputation is based on real-time, tangible workplace experience. Since 1954 we have been filling our dossier with successful, large-scale construction projects completed throughout Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.


We have been a leading general contractor for large scope projects in various markets; so much so that a simple trip along the Eastern seaboard will likely offer more than a glimpse of our quality and our confirmed presence in the industry. A full-service construction company, we have the tools and the manpower to handle complex, multi-disciplined projects in-house and – as we have been perfecting our customer service acumen for more than 50 years – we understand the importance of offering personalized attention throughout every phase of the process.


Quality is never an accident…


At Lee Foundation Co. quality is our chief focus from the very get-go. That was the standard set in 1954 by founder Edward Lipinski Sr. and it continues to be our focus today under the leadership of the third generation of Lee Foundation Co. family owners.


A firm commitment to client care, responsiveness, attention to detail and refined workmanship have helped us to maintain our ongoing role as a leader in the public works, industrial and highway construction industries. Our belief in innovation, adaptability and hiring only the best will ensure that we can achieve even greater levels of quality and customer satisfaction into the future.


At Lee Foundation Co. we have a long history of high quality work serving the following markets (to name a few):


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Company Profile

The Lee Foundation Company has been providing quality construction work to a variety of markets for nearly 60 years. The company was started by Edward E. Lipinski, Sr. in Baltimore, Maryland in 1954 and continues to serve a wide range of clients including the public works, industrial, and highway construction industries. We are an industry leader with an expertise in structural concrete and water-wastewater facilities.